Step 4 – Visit Properties

Step 4 – Visit Properties

Within a few days after receiving your “Wish List”, we will prepare a report for you of all homes that most closely match your “Wish List.”
Included in this report will be maps specific to the area where the homes are located.

At this point it would be a good idea for you to do a drive-by at each of these homes, without trying to go inside. The primary reason for this step is to eliminate those houses that do not appeal to you when you see it “live, from the curb”.  You will also be able to evaluate the neighborhood to see if it truly might be a place for you to live.

After getting feedback from you on which homes most appeal to you, we will schedule appointments for us to personally visit the selected homes.

Please keep in mind that in today’s market good homes, well priced in a good location, seldom last more than 2-3 weeks on the market.We will get daily reports on homes matching your criteria as they become available. You will be notified immediately as particular homes meeting your needs come to our attention.

Step 5: Learn About The neighborhood

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