Sellers Basic Services

We believe in complete transparency in all real estate related matters.


With that in mind I have decided to publish a detailed list of all of the services that we provide to our seller-clients when you choose to list your home for sale with Denver’s Home Team.

Every one of the items on this list is included in our Basic Services Plan, the 3.8% plan.  Additional items are included when signing up for our other, more expensive plans.  But we will never try to upsell you.

And remember also, our 3.8% plan includes the amount paid to the agent who represents the buyer.  Those 1% companies conveniently neglect to mention that their fee does not include the additional fee that must be paid to the buyer’s agent.  That fee needs to be paid.  I simply choose to disclose it in advance.

Our Brokerage Marketing will include the following:

  • Research Ownership and Encumbrances
  • Provide staging consultation to Seller
  • Assign staging recommendations and homework to Seller
  • Install yard sign and Sentrilock electronic lockbox
  • Provide market shine cleaning of counters, floors, and photo-visible surfaces
  • Provide Professional HDR Photography
  • Create virtual tour and address-specific website
  • Supply professional marketing materials
  • Provide Coming Soon advertising
  • Reverse buyer prospecting
  • Publicize regularly on Social Media
  • Publish on YouTube and Craigslist
  • Publish to all major real estate sites on Internet
  • Utilize Showingtime Showing Service
  •  Full-time transaction coordination
  •  Buyer agents will be available to show your home
  •  Full-time listing support

The following additional items will be performed for the benefit of the Seller even though all are not categorized as Marketing:
-Promote to Realtors
-Publicize and Host Realtor Open House
-Publicize and Host Public Open House
-Follow up for feedback after each showing

-Summarize each offer on worksheet
-Contact Buyer`s Lender for each offer
-Review all offers with Seller
-Select best offers for counteroffer
-Prepare counteroffers
-Negotiate counteroffers with Buyer`s agents
-Negotiate price, concessions, fees, dates, inclusions, exclusions, responsibilities, and post-closing occupancy if needed
-When agreement reached, get signatures on purchase agreement

-Start deadline tracking
-Order Title and Escrow service
-Prepare package for Appraiser
-Maintain contact with Buyer`s Lender
-Prepare for Inspections and Appraisal
-Receive/review any Inspection Objection report
-Negotiate Inspection Objection and Resolution
-Meet Appraiser and provide appraisal package
-Monitor Buyer`s loan progress
-Monitor contingency items if any

-Arrange remote closing if needed
-Provide closing instructions to Seller
-Bring entire file to closing
-Provide full document file to Seller
-Send settlement statement at tax prep time.


This list of services is specific to Jerry Downer and Denver’s Home Team at Fathom Realty.  Other agents and agent teams have their own fee and services schedules.

This is far more than any of the so-called discount brokerages provide, and it even exceeds the services provided by other Full Service agents.

To get started, call us or text us at 720-277-9001.


Our Listing Agreements Can Be Cancelled

The hesitation of many sellers about entering into a long term listing agreement is justified.  Many agents try to lock sellers into a one year or longer agreement.  This only benefits the agent, not the seller.

Our listing agreements are written as a six month contract with the provision that it may be cancelled by either party.  That is, you can fire us.

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