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6% commissions aren’t for everyone.  Here are some alternatives that we offer.

Every plan includes all services that are required by the Colorado Real Estate Commission for Seller Agency.

For each plan, we incrementally add more services that are designed to enhance the marketability of your home.

Selling your home?   Choose the Total Sale Commission that works best for you.

A Real Estate sales commission has 2 parts, the Listing Agent fee and the Buyer Agent fee.  The commission percentages that are shown here include the commission fee of 2.8% that will need to be paid to the Buyer’s Agent.  Please understand that there are no “standard” real estate sales commissions. All commissions are negotiable.




plus buyer agent co-op fee if separate buyer agent involved.

This plan is our lowest cost published plan. The fee for our service is 1% of the Selling Price (plus buyer agent fee).  It includes all of the full services required by the State of Colorado, plus 12 additional services to promote the sale of your home.



plus buyer agent co-op fee if separate buyer agent involved.

This, the BASIC plan, includes everything in the SAVER plan, and adds another group of preparation, marketing, and presentation services.

Guaranteed Sale and Stay PLAN


plus buyer agent co-op fee if separate buyer agent involved.

This, the GTD plan, includes everything in the SAVER and BASIC plans, and adds another group of preparation, marketing, and presentation services.  This program provides a guaranteed market-value sale of your current home. You will be allowed to stay in the home until you purchase and close on your replacement home.


Are We a discount brokerage?

It really depends on who you ask, or what your perspective is.

If you are a real estate agent, you probably look down on anyone who offers a commission that is lower than what they deem “acceptable”. You are probably telling prospective clients that “discount brokers” are unprofessional and do not offer very good service to their clients.  And you are entitled to your opinion.


If you are looking to sell your home, then you want to get your home sold in the shortest timeframe possible, for the highest price, at the lowest cost to you, and with minimal hassle.  You want an experienced professional agent who knows how to prepare a home for sale, knows how to present it to prospective buyers, knows how to market it effectively, and knows how to negotiate for the best terms and conditions for you, the client.

We have simply found that some sellers do not need as many services as others.

The vast majority of our sellers are satisfied with the SAVER plan.

Every one of our plans includes more seller services than any of the so-called discount brokerages out there.

Not only that, but we also include more standard services than the traditional “big-name” brokerages.

And you and your property will get personal concierge attention all the way through Close of Escrow (and beyond).

What would be more important to you, the highest selling price, or a discount on your agent’s commission?     What if you could get both?

We are full-time agents with repeatable systems and checklists in place to assure a smooth transaction every time.

We are available for you, when you need us. We attend all Inspections and Negotiations.

The average 6% agent does 4 transactions per year and grosses about $48k.  But, out of that $48,000, 40% goes to his brokerage management.  He gets to keep $28,800 before deductions for taxes and personal expenses.

Why does he only do 4 per year?  Answer, because he needs another job to support his family, and sellers would be foolish to pay 6% to a part time agent who can’t give full attention to the marketing and the transaction.

Do you want an agent who will only return your call after he gets off work?  Or do you want an agent who is there whenever you need him?  Kind of important during inspections and negotiations, especially when dealing with perhaps your most valuable financial asset.

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Although we are just licensed in only 2 states, Arizona and Colorado, we are participants in a nationwide referral network that can assure you of high quality service in all 50 states.

Special Markets Service

Do you have a home that will bring more on a specialty market? From working with homes on the National Register of Historic Places to mountain properties, and everything in between, we have handled it.

Comprehensive Evaluations

Sometimes a simple home inspection and appraisal isn’t enough. We can arrange for a comprehensive pre-inspection so that items that could be problematic to a buyer can be taken care of ahead of time to sell your home faster and for more money.


It can feel as though there are a million forms and documents involved when you’re buying or selling real estate. We’ll track the paperwork and make sure everything’s perfect before closing.

No Long-term contract

You are never locked into a long-term contract.  If your needs change, you can cancel anytime prior to going under contract.

Pre-Sale consultation

No charge for our home value assessments and services.

Worried about selling but not finding a place to buy?

Your home may qualify for our “sell and stay” partnership so you can sell your home, continue to live in it, and not feel rushed to find your next home. once you find that next home you can use the proceeds that you already received towards the next home, and move at your convenience.

Dedicated fiduciary

We have a duty to serve your interests above all others.

Because we put the customer first, we often have free promotions that are charged at other realty agencies. Our commitment to making your realty experience the best imaginable means that we’ll always give you more than the other guys.

Our amazing team provides real results for you.

We have specialists focusing on residential real estate, commercial real estate, lending, home warranties, title and legal services, and so much more. We feel that by offering comprehensive services, we can deliver so much more for our clients. Please contact us today for more details on how we can help you find your new home.