Land – Improved

Improved land is land that has been upgraded through any of a variety of means. Land can be improved simply by changing zoning restrictions, or it involve a more considerable project such as erecting a building or establishing utility hookups.

Unimproved land usually is relatively less expensive than Improved land, but other circumstances can dictate the value.  Improved land tends to have services such as electricity, telephone, water and sewage readily available. These plots are commonly controlled by zoning laws which dictate what can be built on the land and how those structures can be used.

The scope of improvements is not always readily apparent.  When in doubt, consult your Realtor. We have the ability to perform a detailed search and analysis of the property.

Specifying a Property Type of “Land” covers a lot of situations.  It’s all just land though, regardless of the intended purpose.  For example, land can be improved (has utilities) or unimproved (doesn’t have utilities).  Farms, ranches, golf courses, and single family residences have land, but they are not considered land.  For our purposes, nobody lives or works on land.


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