Homes with Dedicated Home Office or Den

The Covid-19 pandemic has exponentially intensified the requirement for homes to have dedicated space not only for work-from-home spaces but also for learn-from-home spaces.  Sometimes these requirements are double, triple, or more than the traditional single remote space.

Unfortunately the real estate industry has not anticipated these sudden needs.  The methods used to search for properties with these facilities do not exist in today’s real estate search engines, including most MLS services. As a result, those of us who are sensitive to this need have developed alternative means to find these properties.

If you have a need to move to a place that has space for remote working or learning, we should talk.  The logistics that are necessary to post a list of these properties are overwhelming at best, since finding the common denominator is, or can be, a moving target. Therefore, the search must be made semi-manually, and is best done while the agent is accessing the MLS in the company of the buyer.  This of course is another challenge created by the pandemic.

As an example, as of the date of this writing, I have identified 1,469 potential properties across the state of Colorado.  Many of these may not qualify since we are relying on the diligence of the listing agent to enter the data properly, and this doesn’t always happen. Not only that, but in developing the list of candidate properties we only know that the property has at least one working or learning space. It will take a bit of further investigating to see if there are more than one, or if in fact the space was described incorrectly.

If this is a need, please call me. We need to discuss your requirements and work on a strategy to get this accomplished.  Jerry Downer 720-277-9001.



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