Golf Course Community Townhomes


Caution: This list of golf course properties includes Townhouses only. It does not include Single family homes or condos.

If you wish to limit your list of golf course properties to townhouses and nothing else, then please use this Townhouses page.  The reasoning behind this caution stems from the fact that there are 2 different methods of adding townhouses to the MLS, and unfortunately not all real estate agents who are entering townhouses are doing it correctly. Our Townhouses link will include properties from both methods. 

Our goal in presenting properties in this manner is to show you the maximum number of properties that might meet your criteria.

We want to provide you with everything that looks like it might be a townhouse even if it was mischaracterized on other websites.

By attempting to modify the search filters by clicking on the Property SubType box below, you run the risk of leaving out some of the townhouses entered by a different method.  be advised that the MLS administrators are working to resolve this situation.