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I always believe that the work that I do each and every day will be the answer to somebody’s prayer.

This motivates me to always strive for excellence in everything, because I know that someone is depending on me.


Professional me

I am proud to be part of Denver’s Home Team at West and Main Homes. Our team consists of about 200 highly successful expert local agents, a client care team, a marketing team, a design team, a photography team, an appraiser, a technology team, as well as several other staff people.  

Here is why I mention this: in almost every other real estate company, the individual agent has to perform each of the functions that I listed. 

So we can focus on you, the client, the most valuable person on the team.

My Real Estate Philosophy

These are my guiding principles when working with all of my clients:
» I will provide you with great service. I call it “sibling” service. I give you the same type
of service that I would give to a close member of my family, and I truly love my family.
» I will use my education and experience to protect you from harm and mistakes.
» I will provide you with great market knowledge.
» I will position you to make good decisions.
» I will never push you, but I will always guide you.
» I will deliver a referral-generating performance.
I am your advocate, so how do I provide value to you as your advocate?
» I will provide you with all available property information.
» I will help you interpret the property information.
» I will point out and explain any property negatives or issues that I observe.
» I will help you to objectively compare different properties.
» I will skillfully prepare offers, and I will provide expert negotiation assistance at each point
of negotiation.
» I will always protect your interests.
» I will help you to understand your options and interpret situations.
» I will manage the entire process, and keep you informed regularly.

My Approach to Real Estate

There are two distinct aspects to this:
First, when working with you as my client, you are my priority. I am here to serve you,
and provide you with the service and attention that you deserve. I have many years of
experience and expertise to offer, and Denver’s Home Team at West and Main Homes is supplementing that with the highest
quality of additional service and support.
Second, when I am not directly working with a client, I am either pursuing additional
education and training, or I am previewing properties in my market area so that I am
familiar with all available (and recently available) homes in the area.
There is a third aspect however: I take time off to be with my family, to ski, to hike, to bike,
to kayak, to explore Colorado, and to go to church.

Fun Facts About Me

» I actually moved to Colorado four times from out of state.
» I have spent time on Ski Patrol (National Ski Patrol System), but that was a long time ago.
» I have a Pilot’s License and fly whenever I can.
» I have a current Real Estate license in Arizona as well as Colorado.
» And I have two incredibly awesome grandchildren.

My Biography

Clients first.  Not just a cute slogan, it’s how I do business.

The Denver area and nearby mountain communities have been home to me for nearly 40 years.  I’ve bought and sold homes in Denver, Centennial, Aurora, Lakewood, Golden, Littleton, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Evergreen, Conifer, Winter Park, and Granby.  I know these areas very well

I realize the importance of working with someone who is intimately familiar with the community.  That’s why I gave you this very brief history.  But I take it several steps further.  I go out and preview at least 20 homes per week throughout the metro area.  I do this so that I can be your neighborhood expert, regardless of the neighborhood in which you are interested.

This is just one aspect of my “Clients First” philosophy.

Let my work today be the answer to someone’s prayer.

View this short video to the end to see what I mean.

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